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Why You Should Qualify as an English solicitor

  • Discover new career opportunities
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  • Enhance your professional profile, reputation and marketability in your home jurisdiction
  • Offer a wider range of legal services to your clients
  • Get more business and increase your revenues

The ultimage guide to help you enhance your professional profile and marketability in the legal marketplace

The days of your primary professional qualification being enough to secure your career are gone. The legal market – and indeed the world of business – is changing radically. If you want to carve out your place in the legal world, you need to go beyond the norm.

With recent developments and globalisation trends in the legal profession, lawyers are no longer confined to the jurisdiction in which they were educated and qualified. Lawyers nowadays should have a working knowledge and experience of legal systems of their respective jurisdictions and have the legal and regulatory right to practise law in multiple jurisdictions unimpeded.

In a new 20-page ebook, 'Cross-Border Practising in a Global World', we discuss why becoming a dual-qualified English solicitor - a legal professional in the world's most important jurisdiction and open economy - will change the way you work and what you can do for yourself, your firm and your clients. We show you how a new, global career awaits you.

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